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Presidential Resolution 5025 of March 2021 mandated the Uzbekistan Ministry of Justice to lead the implementation of a new RIA process integrating a responsive gender dimension. EBRD solicited the technical assistance of JC&A to help a Task Force led by the Ministry of Justice but including representatives of the Ministries of Interior and Economy, to prepare a pilot Gender Responsive RIA (GR-RIA) on a draft “Decree on the Application of Information and Communication Technologies to Ensure Public Security in Uzbekistan” to evaluate the new requirements and procedures, including with extensive consultation with women entrepreneurs. The final report was presented at a high-level regional workshop in June 2022 https://www.uzdaily.uz/en/post/73817.

 The project consisted of the following:

  • Design a 4-month Action Plan for undertaking a Pilot GR-RIA by an official task force.
  • Prepare a series of working documents to assist the Task Force in undertaking the Pilot RIA, including terms of reference of the members of the Task Force, criteria for the selection of a draft legal measure to be piloted, additional or adjustments to the official Guidelines and adjustment to the official Manual to include and emphasize the requirements (cost-benefits, cost recovery, etc.) to assess Gender Responsiveness (such as checklists, templates for conducting the gender-responsive focus groups, etc.).
  • Development of an appropriate training module for high-level government officials on GR-RIA.
  • Assistance and monitoring of the Task Force work.
  • Review and quality control of the final report, in particular concerning the quantitative aspects of the Cost-Benefit Analysis.
  • Lessons learned report on the quality of final GR-RIA deliverables and criteria to assess the quality of GR-RIA reports.
  • Final report with further recommendations to improve the RIA process and implementation tools. Documents.

Uzbekistan, EBRD, 2021