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El Salvador: Technical Plan for Capacity Building in Regulatory Improvement

Provide the newly created Regulatory Improvement Agency with methodologies, tools and mechanisms for coordination and establishment of a Regulatory Improvement System in El Salvador; which includes operating manuals for operation, tools for analysis of regulations and mechanisms for dialogue and consultation with the private sector and users; and contribute to capacity building of government institutions that are part of the system and provide technical support to all institutions in the performance of its functions under this. To that end, JC&A has to:

  • Carry out RIA pilots
  • Help implementation of RIA, including manuals and formats
  • Train public officials which are part of the Regulatory Improvement System
  • Contribute to Regulatory Reform capacity building through workshops, training and training plans
  • Establish a Public-Private Dialogue and Communications strategy
  • Contribute to strengthening the Regulatory Improvement System through advice to key personnel and institutions

El Salvador, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), 2016-2017.