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Global: OECD Regulatory Oversight Bodies

Jacobs, Cordova & Associates prepared an analytical paper on how OECD countries approached the challenges of ensuring the quality of regulation through institutional and organizational settings. The overall aim was to identify different approaches across OECD countries and to examine critical success factors, including the different roles and functions of Regulatory Oversight Bodies (ROBs), their budgetary allocations, staffing, and communication strategies, and the interplay with the political administration. In particular, the study provided a comparative analysis of the role of RQBs and how they operate within the executive branch of government and other State institutions, including with other levels of government. It identified the trends, common issues, and typical problems and challenges encountered by member countries. It also aimed to assess success factors and design features that should be considered when establishing or revising approaches to oversight, to ensure the sustainability of regulatory quality.

World Wide, OECD, 2010