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JC&A Reinvents Rules

Moldova:  Structural Reform

The purpose of the Moldova Structural Reform Program is to improve the business and trade enabling environment in Moldova by helping GOM institutions and the private sector accelerate the implementation of trade liberalization mechanisms, adopt structural and business enabling reforms, and improve strategic communications between the private and public actors. JC&A is in charge of Component 2: Pursue Structural Reforms to Improve the Business Enabling Environment of the program. Component 2 is aiding the GOM in the removal of explicit and implicit barriers to growth for small and medium-sized enterprises by focusing on a few areas of the World Bank Doing Business indicators, particularly trading across borders, dealing with construction permits, and getting credit. Financial sector stability, inspections reform, business reporting streamlining and facilitation of the implementation of the approved law on local trade notifications/authorizations are the priority areas that Component 2 works on. Other topics include streamlining of labor market regulations and promotion of e-Government and digital commercial solutions.

Moldova, USAID under contract to Nathan Associates, 2017-2020.

Dominican Republic: Good Regulatory Practices (GRP) Introductory Training

As part of its Good Regulatory Practice (GRP) Program, the World Bank requested the services of JC&A to support the preparation and delivery of an introductory training to GRP to be delivered to the better regulation technical team of the National Competitiveness Council (CNC or Competitividad) of the Dominican Republic. The purpose of the training was to provide a first but comprehensive view on the core elements of GRP, including tools to improve the stock and flow of regulation (public consultation, RIA, forward planning, ex post review, administrative simplification, etc.) as well as regulatory oversight functions required for proper implementation and functioning of a regulatory governance system. This introductory training also zoomed in on RIA, including a general overview of elements of a RIA system and methodology as well as RIA document development and scrutiny. The training was delivered on a face-to-face modality in Santo Domingo, during a 3-day period in May 2019.  JC&A consultants prepared presentations and other supporting materials for the delivery of the training sessions (May 15-17), which included the following topics:

  • Introduction to GRP and regulatory reform
  • Administrative simplification and reduction of burdens
  • Regulatory guillotine
  • Ex-post review
  • Access to existing laws and regulations; and
  • Ex ante regulatory impact analysis, with a focus on
    • Establishing a RIA system
    • RIA methodology
    • Methodologies to assess impact
    •  Country experiences from the region
    • Practical exercises on drafting RIA
    • RIA scrutiny and quality assurance
  • Forward planning
  • Participatory rulemaking
  • Core regulatory oversight functions

Dominican Republic,World Bank, 2019.