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JC&A Reinvents Rules

Colombia: Strengthening Regulatory Governance Through Evidence-based Impact Assessment

The main objective of this project is to improve the transparency, efficiency, and predictability of the regulatory environment in Colombia by identifying, implementing and strengthen good regulatory practices (GRP), that include evidence-based approaches to the production and revision of regulation.

To achieve this objective, the IFC and the Government of Colombia will collaborate on two mutually supportive components that aim at improving the quality of the regulatory flow and stock in Colombia. These two components are:

  • Define and apply different methodologies to an ex-post review of existing Regulation and
  • Support the setup of an ex-ante regulatory impact assessment system at national and sub-national levels.

World Bank, 2019-2021.

Jordan: Licensing Reform

Increasing Jordan’s Competitiveness: Regulatory Guillotine and Impact Assessment Reform Project. Vocational License, Constructions Permits, & Policy Development Process. This project aimed to substantially reduce the costs and risks of regulations and administrative procedures affecting businesses and citizens by simplifying or eliminating unneeded, unjustified, or failed procedures and conditions,  while safeguarding the public interests.

JC&A helped prepare an illustrative Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) in construction permitting and vocational licensing. The RIAs documented the following concrete benefits for Jordan:

  1. Faster economic growth: more jobs and higher real wages
  2. Reduced time and risks for businesses
  3. Higher business compliance with the new system, and therefore higher levels of public safety
  4. Secure more sustainable revenues for government
  5. Enhanced ranking of Jordan in the Doing Business Report

JC&A prepared the RIA methodology to monetize the effects of reform. We assessed a five year impact to include the dynamic effects – the number of new businesses will increase year after year due to these reforms. In brief, businesses in Jordan will gain JD 237 million, while the government invests JD 18 million over five years, showing an enormous return on investment for this reform.

Jordan, Makeen for Training, Consulting & Business Development, 2018