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Featured New Projects

Lao PDR: Technical Assistance for Business Regulation Review and Rationalization in Laos

Jacobs, Cordova & Associates in cooperation with the PM Group is assisting the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in (i) the review and reform of the business registration process, (ii) the preparation of an inventory of all business licenses and permits, and (iii) the assessment and reform of a subset of those with the highest administrative burden using the Standard Cost Model methodology. The final outcome will be a clear and business-friendly inventory of all licenses and a streamlined business registration process.

Lao PDR, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, with a World Bank grant, 2017-2018.

Tajikistan:  RIA Policy Blueprint

Under the multi-year ADB Investment Climate Reforms Program, and as part of the component concerning the setting up of a new institutional mechanism to improve the quality of decision-making during appraisal of legal and regulatory changes, JC&A undertook a series of actives to raise awareness, develop a blueprint and action plan, draft a Government Decree and legal reforms for mainstreaming a customized RIA to the legal and administrative system of the country. After the Decree publication JC&A assisted the Ministry of Justice and the National Centre of Legislation to undertake a pilot RIA, enhance dialogue from the business sector on RIA and develop the technical framework for a novel software system to implement and enforce the RIA disciplines. JC&A also advised on modifications to the Law and Legislation. As part of this project JC&A proposed the deployment of a novel RIA system based on “trust but verify” principles instead of “control and command” approaches.  See:   A Model For A Regulatory Impact Analysis System In Tajikistan with Ruben Barreto and Igor Gutan, ADB Briefs, ADB Manila December (2015)

Tajikistan, ADB, 2015-2017.